Bath Christmas Market

I was wondering what I wanted to write about for my first post, but after some pondering I thought why not the Bath Christmas Market as me and Ollie (my boyfriend) visited for three days at the end of last week. I feel as though I should talk first about the atmosphere. There is hustle and bustle all around, however everyone is calm and enjoying the Christmas spirit. The little sheds are filled with different things from ceramic bunting to different chutneys and jams all laid out for you to ‘try before you buy’.

We stopped at one particular stall which had been painted old fashioned with big bowls filled with either warm mulled wine or a warm apple, cinnamon and ginger drink which smelt like Christmas in a cup and tasted incredible. They were also roasting different types of nuts in caramel on the side which also smelt so lovely! There were people singing in the street, playing instruments and raising money for charities. The atmosphere was truly in good Christmas spirit.

We stayed in the Premier Inn in the centre of Bath as it was only a six minute walk from the market itself which also meant we were close to all the other shops too as the market followed the flow of the regular shops. Bath as a city is very pretty and scenic. We took a little walk along the river just before it started to get dark on the first night we were there, followed by a meal in the restaurant at the bottom of our hotel before heading out for cocktails. On the second evening we chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant that was part of the cocktail bar we had been in the evening before. The people were welcoming and the food and cocktails made us want to stay all night.

I had wanted to go to the market for the last few years however each year one thing or another got in the way unfortunately, so I feel truly grateful that we got the chance to go this year and pick up a few unusual gifts for people (along with some treats for myself I must admit). Next year we have planned to hopefully try a different Christmas Market as there are so many around. Bath isn’t too far from where we live either which was a bonus for us. I would definitely recommend Bath Market and Bath in general though if you haven’t been as there is a lot to do all throughout the year.

Until next time…


Quick stop for a hot chocolate before more shopping


Hustle and bustle with pretty market scenes


2 for 1 cocktails went down a treat



The Abbey and the Christmas Tree got us in the Christmas spirit

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