Moving Out (But not out, out)

So, I recently moved in with my boyfriend and I thought I would tell you a bit about it as it was a a big moment in my life. It was definitely strange the day I moved out of my home where I was living with my Mum, Dad and two sisters along with the variety of different animals we owned. When I say strange, I mean, I got in my car with the last of my stuff and cried continuously all-the-way-home. I am very close with my family so the decision for me to move out was difficult and wasn’t one I made easily although I was only moving a fifteen minute drive away. However, me and Ollie have been together coming up four years and I knew it was the next step in our relationship.

Ollie lived on his own with his Mum and seeing as we couldn’t afford to move out on our own they decided to ask me to move in with them instead. It all happened very quickly as it was about two weeks from when Ollie asked me to move in, to when he no longer had his own room and had scented candles everywhere (which I feel he secretly enjoys). I expected to be more homesick than I was at first but I have ended up popping back about three nights a week either for a cuppa and a catch up or for tea with the evening resulting in me eating the entire contents of my Mum’s fridge.

I would stay a few nights at Ollie’s before work and on the weekends, also Ollie would stay at my house a couple of nights a week. This relaxed me a bit more about the move I think because I was staying there for almost half of the week anyway and we were together everyday even if we weren’t staying over at each other’s houses, so really the only difference was me not living out of a weekend bag.

Two months on though, we have decorated our room and we don’t hate each other yet; which is a good sign, right? We are enjoying being able to spend time together and we are still adjusting to each other’s habits. Not all being good ones on both parts I must say. I feel as though moving out has made me appreciate more of the time I spend with my family which may be unintentionally forgotten when you are around them all the time. I will always go home to see my family as much as possible and the small zoo of animals we seem to have accumulated that we all love so dearly.

Until next time…

In Bath enjoying our Churros

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