Sticking to New Years Resolutions and Achieving Goals for 2017

As New Year approaches rapidly, we all make those resolutions and goals we know we won’t be able to stick to or realistically reach (myself unfortunately included). I was thinking of ways to help me stay more focused and actually achieve them. I came up with a few thoughts and decided I would share them with you guys in the hope they may help you as well.

1. Don’t make too many resolutions.

This may seem like an odd one because many of us tend to think of all the things we want to achieve when the new year finally arrives and promise ourselves we are going to reach each and every goal. However by choosing just two main goals for example, we are able to stay more focused as there isn’t so much pressure to change or improve so many things at once. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can only try to reach these two yearly goals, it just means it gives you a starting point knowing that if you can reach your two most important goals you can achieve the rest of them too.

2. Don’t put an unrealistic time limit on it. 

Most of us have the tendancy to set a goal that is going to take a little while to achieve but want to achieve it in an unrealistic time scale. For example, losing 2 stone in a month isn’t realistic (don’t get me wrong it’s probably do-able but it’s definitely not healthy and I don’t think anyone would recommend it). So when you have a goal in mind think about how long realistically it’s going to take to reach it and don’t try to rush it. It is better to take your time and get there than attempt to reach it in a silly time scale and get disheartened when you don’t reach it in time. This is only going to make you want to give up on it.

3. Make sure they are realistic resolutions. 

When making resolutions make sure they are do-able. I’m talking in the sense of  planning to get fit and go to the gym along with paying for a personal trainer etc, but being on a tight budget may not be completely realistic. Why not try home workouts so you are able to start straight away in the new year and there’s no likely-hood of you having to give it up because it’s too expensive. This goes for all goals, by researching different ways of achieveing your personal goal it gives you options and avenues to explore.

These are just a few things I’m taking into consideration when setting my goals for the new year. I hope this helps you as it’s already helping me to see things in a new perspective and I’m already feeling more positive about finally not failing my resolutions.

To end this post and the new year, I just want to say thank you to all the people that have taken an interest and read my blog. I am looking forward to the new year and seeing what it will bring with it. There will be plenty more to come next year. Happy New Year guys!

Until next year…

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