My Top 3 Favourite Skincare Products at the Moment 

Okay, so I have been thinking about some of the things I really enjoy using at the moment and thought I would share them with you all. These are some things that I find are either helping my skin at the moment or just feel really nice on my skin.

1. No7 moisturiser has to be top of the list, I have used these moisturisers for a while and feel like they really help my skin. They also help my makeup go on so smoothly. The other thing I have noticed is my makeup seems to last a lot longer which is obviously a huge bonus for anyone, right?

2. Boots Sheet masks are next. They are incredible. One of the best purchases I have made in a long long time. They make my skin feel so smooth and silky after its crazy, they are great for making your skin look that little bit brighter. These are only £2 in boots as well.

3. Nivea lip balms. Okay, so I am a huuuge fan of lip balms (some may say slightly obsessed) but seriously; the Nivea ones are so easy to keep in your pocket or in the front of your bag. There are so many different ones such as; milk and honey, hydrating, peach, watermelon and so many more. My personal favourite is the milk and honey as it’s so soft. It seems to last the longest too.

Give these a go if you fancy, they are all cheap too which is a huge bonus as I’m nearly always shopping on a budget. Hope these inspire you if you feel like you need to try something new.

Until next time…

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