Monday Motivation

First off, let me apologise for not posting for a while. Last week I wasn’t well so spent a lot of time resting up in the evenings after work, I’m feeling a lot better again now though. But anyway here’s a short Monday post I hope you enjoy! I don’t know about you; but recently I have been struggling to get motivated at all, so I got thinking about what motivates me and when.

Mondays. Now don’t get me wrong, Mondays are my least favourite day of the week. But there’s something about starting fresh on a Monday morning, beginning of the week, that makes me so much more determined to start the week right. I always seem to wake up easier on a Monday (no matter how tired I really am or how many match sticks I have to use to prop my eyes open). I feel so determined and feel as though I want to start the week right. Then it usually gets to about Wednesday/Thursday, I start to struggle and cave in to the packet of cookies I’ve half eaten (this is usually just a downward spiral from there really) but come on, who doesn’t have that trouble?

This morning I woke up though and felt as though I needed to make a definite change. My main goal for this year was to get fit and healthy. I don’t know what specifically changed this morning when I woke up, but I feel ready to try and reach that goal now. So I’m going to do my upmost to try and keep on track and smash it!

Next was what actually motivates me to reach this goal. Now, I think we can all honestly say we have caved in to the trap of stumbling amongst health and fitness fanatics and models instagram pages that drive us (just slightly) crazy over the fact we don’t look like them. But for me, personally, this does motivate me slightly to try my best to change my lifestyle and get out and do more. The other thing that’s is key for me is preparation. Knowing I have my lunch and tea planned and prepared makes me less likely to snack and pick something up for a quick fix. I have recently been preparing snacks such as fruit pots for me to take to work which stops me from snacking on a chocolate bar or a few sweets. I do find this has helped me a lot to keep on track (also as I don’t have any excuse to eat badly and walk down that slippery slope to the rest of the pack of cookies again!)

These are obviously only a few of the things I thought of that motivate me. So please let me know what motivates you and keeps you on track as I definitely always welcome and am open to new ideas. Thanks guys!

Until next time…

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