Review: Boots Face Mask

I recently discovered these face masks from boots which personally, I am absolutely in love with. I'm lazy with face masks if I'm entirely honest. I love how they make my skin feel and they do make a difference to my skin; but I cannot be bothered with the hassle of the mess and having to wash it all of afterwards. All the while knowing that there will always be that bit that you forgot to wash off or gets stuck in your hair (despite having tied it back so tight you look like you've had a face lift). So when I found these I absolutely had to try them. These face masks are sheets soaked in the product which means no mess and no hassle. They simply lay over your face for 20-25 minutes, peel off, throw away and rub in the remaining product.

I was originally using the 'Masque Bar' face masks in particular, their brightening face masks in particular which are similar but I felt they didn't really do a lot for my skin so I was looking for something similar but will make a difference to my skin. The Masque Bar ones are also around £10 for three whereas these Boots own ones are only £2-£2.50 each. I believe there are five different masks as well that all do different things for your skin. My personal favourite is the Lotus flower and Tiger lily one. It makes my skin feel sooo soft and really does give it a slight glow. Being that there are different ones depending on what your skin needs, I feel like there is something for everyone. I use them once or twice a week and this makes a difference for me personally. I cannot recommend these enough to anyone looking to freshen up their skin and give it a boost it could be crying out for. Let me know what you think if you give them a go guys.

Until next time…


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