(Very Last Minute) Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Okay, this is very late going up as it was supposed to be up last night but it just was not ready so here it is. Last year I was struggling with knowing what to buy Ollie for Christmas. After speaking to a friend at work, she gave me a great idea (she came up with the idea for her husband originally). Myself and Ollie always want to try new things or go somewhere a bit different. The problem is; when it comes to it we both go blank and can’t think of anything to do as a spur of the moment thing.

All I needed to do was buy a jar (I got mine from our nearest Asda store), buy some coloured paper and that was it. On one piece of paper, I listed 52 things for him to do or things for us to do together. I then wrote them all out on little square pieces of coloured card, folded them up and placed them in the jar. Some of the things were expensive or needed planning and some of the things were completely free and we could do near enough anytime. I tried to include things he had talked about trying but never got round too.

The idea of it is he pulls one piece of card out a week and completes whatever the activity or item is on the said piece. This is why I wrote out 52 things (enough for one a week starting in January). If this is going to be a Valentine’s Day present however, you could obviously start it from whenever you wanted or maybe just do enough to last til the end of this year.

Here are some examples of the things in Ollie’s jar so far:

Cinema date

Try a Thai restaurant

Be a tourist in your own town for a day

Have breakfast at midnight

Learn and play a song on your guitar

I apologise I can’t give you any more examples from the jar I made Ollie, he hasn’t opened many more than this yet obviously as it is only February and he will read this so it would give it away. Haha! I was worried he wouldn’t like it or it may have been a bit girlie at first as I knew it would be something I would like. But it has got us both out doing new things or doing random fun things we probably would never think of a lot of the time. They are not all just date ideas either, there are a few things he can do with friends or family which mixes it up a little bit. But obviously it is down to personal preference what you want to go into the jar. Ollie so far looks forward to pulling out a new card each week and seeing what he has to do next. It’s fun and something different without going crazy on the spending over Valentine’s. As I said, I did this for Ollie for Christmas. It would also be a great idea for a birthday present too. The thing I liked most was how personal yet simple it is and it can be tailored to each individual. Let me know what your thoughts are or if you do it for someone, what they thought of it!

Until next time…



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