Myself and Ollie have unfortunately never been able to afford to go abroad so for our holiday for the last two years we have travelled down to Woolacombe in Devon. We are very lucky because this has been voted one of the best beaches in the world, yes, world and it is only an hour and a half car journey from where we live. We stay in a studio apartment just behind the main line of shops so everything in Woolacombe is accessible by foot from our apartment. This is lovely because it means we are able to take some drinks down to the beach and not have to worry about driving home or leaving the car in the car park.


The best bar we went to most nights was ‘Bar Electric’. It was situated right in front of our apartment so was ideal really. They do a lovely menu and a lot of different drinks including cocktails. The nice thing is that it is very chilled out and in the evening they clear a space for a dance floor and a DJ comes in. One of the nicest things is that whenever you go in (even when it’s a bit later on and they have music playing) you can wear anything! There are people dressed up in dresses and heels, some in shorts and flip-flops and sometimes people sat outside in wet suits having just come off the beach grabbing a quick drink before they head home. The staff are so friendly and make everyone of all ages feel welcome.

We both body board so take our own down with us and spend most days at the beach, come rain or shine. Body boarding in the rain is a lot more fun than you may think. I would suggest you invest in a wet suit if you do body board or surf a lot though or maybe are planning on doing so. I am cold all of the time, so pretty much as soon as the water hits my feet I freeze. However having my long sleeve and long leg wet suit it has helped a lot; we now spend hours in the sea. I have had my wet suit for a few years now but last year I also invested in wet suit boots which are ankle length so meet my wet suit so this makes such a difference also.

There are so many nice places to visit in Devon around Woolacombe. Barnstaple is lovely for a few shops and more of a town atmosphere. Ilfracombe is only a ten minute drive from Woolacombe and it is a quaint little fishing town with a lovely harbour and some quirky shops. Also, if you venture into Ilfracombe they have daily fishing trips and glass bottom boat trips around the harbour to see the wildlife, seals and dolphins. There is also an equestrian centre just up the road which allows you to take guided horse rides along the beach and countryside. We are yet to try this but it always sounds so lovely (if you like horses obviously, lol).


This year we are hoping to go abroad towards the end of the year but we may still go back for a weekend during the summer possibly. I am writing this post for those of you that are yet to book a holiday or maybe like us over the last couple of years, are unable to afford to go abroad. I hope this can inspire you to give a holiday in the UK a go.

Until next time…


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