Healthy Pancakes

I am yet to do a food related post, however this is a simple recipe that I have been coming across a lot recently and I thought I would give it a go. It has been popping up all over my Pinterest feed and I have even seen a video of someone using this recipe on Facebook. They are two ingredient pancakes and they are very healthy. I am unsure of who or where this recipe originally came from so I just want to point out that it is not my own! All you will need is one Banana and two eggs. Yes, this is literally it.


Mash one banana in a bowl (I usually use a pyrex jug as it is easier to pour the mixture once it is all mixed)

Add two whole eggs to the bowl (or jug) with the banana and whisk together well using a fork.

Heat a pan on a low heat and add some oil (you can use whatever oil you prefer however, as the idea is that they are healthy pancakes, I like to use a teaspoon of coconut oil)

Pour the mixture into the pan. It is down to preference whether you want to make a few little ones, in which case pour only a bit into the pan or you can use all of the mixture for one big pancake.

Next, let one side cook then flip it over to cook the other side. (Be aware that when flipping it if it is one big one pancake you are making, the mixture is heavy on the spatula and a lot of the time causes the pancake to split just like mine in the picture)

Serve up on a plate.

I tend to have mine with some Greek yogurt, grapes or strawberries and some honey drizzled over to make it a bit sweeter. Granted the picture doesn’t do it any justice so please trust me, they are good. They are so quick and with some fruit on I find if I do one big one it fills me up and stops me snacking. Give them a go and see what you think.

Until next time…


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