My Top 3 Favourite Nail Varnish Brands

I cannot stand not having my nails painted. It makes me feel as though something is missing. However, Working in a DIY store means it chips off even quicker than normal. So I am now having my nails painted with gel polish professionally and it is lasting sooo much longer which is a lot better. It got me thinking though about when I was painting my nails and which ones were my favourites. So here are a few of my many.


I personally find Essie nail varnishes last a lot longer than other nail varnishes; even if it is only a few days longer before they start chipping off. I tend to buy my from TK Maxx as they often have some unusual colours as apposed to the ones in Boots. Although Boots stock a lot of colours. I find TK Maxx is often a few pounds cheaper than Boots too which is obviously a bonus.


I have previously spoken about an Avon mascara in my previous post My Top 3 Favourite Mascaras. I love their nail varnishes. They have so many colours and even ranges. They do them from gel polish to your average nail varnish. I have so many I probably don’t need them all. You only need one coat for the colours to really stand out too which is great. If you can access Avon products I do recommend them! Their prices are also very reasonable and often cheap too.


Orly do the nicest Autumn/Winter colours such as deep reds and purples. I am aware that we are now in Spring, don’t worry. I only have a few Orly nail varnishes and really ought to invest in more. I do find when you are applying it, it can go streaky but as it dries this does tend to even out however sometimes another coat is needed.

 What nail varnish brands are your favourite, do you have any recommendations?

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