Tattoos and Bad Attitudes

I was thinking about posting something slightly different to what I have posted before; a makeup review, a food related post or something new I am going to try. Instead I decided to go with a recent experience in the last month I have had that I found to be very frustrating and slightly upsetting. Okay, so I have a few tattoos; one on the top of my arm which is a large gypsy lady, a quote on my forearm that reads ‘Good things are going to happen’, a doodle heart on the back of my neck and the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter on the inside of my left foot.

So I was at work on the tills as usual when a customer came over ready to pay for their items. As always, I greeted them with a polite ‘Hello, is this everything for you today?’ as I do with every customer whilst scanning the said items. They replied with ‘Yes thank you’. This was all okay. So I scanned the items and the customer paid for their goods. However, as I reached over to get the receipt for the customer they noticed the quote on my forearm and began to read it. They then asked me ‘Does your mother know you have that on your arm? If she does I bet she wasn’t very happy.’ They were very rude when saying this and their whole persona had changed from a friendly vibe to being very arrogant and rude. I replied (politely again) ‘Yes she does and she is okay with it; especially knowing I have three more too’ and I smiled shrugging off the comment.

The customer then came back with another fiery comment ‘Ohh, was she? I suppose some people aren’t bothered what is on their body for the rest of their life though are they?’. He then shook his head, grabbed his receipt from my hand and walked off. This usually wouldn’t have bothered me; but being that this was the third person I had had be rude about my tattoos on my body in the last few months, I was starting to get annoyed.

Now I realise there is nothing I am able to do about the way some people feel about tattoos. The thing is, I am personally yet to meet a person with tattoos that is rude to someone that doesn’t have any because of their choice not to get any. Now don’t get me wrong; somewhere out there there is going to be these types of people. I find it sad that people in this day and age are still put down and in some cases given less opportunities because of their choice to have ink put on their body. I do not in any way have a problem with people not liking them as it is down to preference. I also understand that if people have something in  any way offensive tattooed on them this makes it more difficult to be in certain situations i.e. working with children etc.

Tattoos are a way some people choose to express themselves; just as other people do with art, cooking or speech for example. If tattoos are your thing there is  nothing wrong with expressing yourself and using your body as a blank canvas in which to do so without the worry of how other people feel about them. I am not asking for people’s opinions to change; I just hope that in the not-so-distant future people’s attitudes will change towards tattoos and realise it is just another life choice people are making for themselves. Let me know what your thoughts are guys! (Apologies for the photo, I was too excited when I had it done and made the picture blurry by moving **insert eye roll here**) 

Until next time..

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