Spring Has Arrived

I am so happy Spring is finally here. Everywhere is becoming more and more colourful by the day and it’s just setting us up for Summer. Despite the weather being a bit hit and miss lately, it’s getting there slowly with the sun trying to squeeze its way through the clouds at every opportunity. We went to Plymouth with friends a few weeks ago now as a few of them go to Uni there. We spent our Friday night drinking and out in one of the clubs. Then Saturday went to The Stable, a restaurant along the harbour and the food was incredible. 

With Easter now over and done with already, this year is flying by. Speaking of Easter, this year I decided to make my sister Easter Treat Baskets instead of Easter eggs to make a bit of a change. They loved them. I bought two colourful baskets from Hobbycraft and some craft grass from Asda and got to work on buying all their favourite things. They turned out great and I love getting my craft on (sometimes). It made a change as they get so many Easter eggs every year and I enjoy treating them. 

We never tend to do a lot for Easter so spent our Saturday evening at my mums with my Mum, Dad, Sisters and Grandparents. We had a BBQ and a few drinks while sat around my Dad’s homemade log burner for the Garden. Everyone had a lovely time. 

I hope everyone is making the most of the on-off weather and had a lovely Easter. I just felt like doing a bit of a ‘step into spring’ post so apologies it’s a short one but non-the-less hope you liked it. Next stop: Summer, beer gardens and beach days. 

Until next time…

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