Do’s and Don’ts: Skincare Edition

Having a good skincare routine is extremely important and a lot of people don’t tend to worry too much about having one or whether or not they are using the right products. So I decided to put together a short list of all the things that personally, I feel are most important to do with your skincare.
1. Always remember to remove your makeup

This is possibly one of the most important parts of your skincare routine. Removing your makeup gives you a clean base to be able to remove all of the nitty gritty grime stuck in your pores. Some people like to do this using a double cleanse. So using a cleanser to take off your makeup then using another cleanser to get all of the rubbish underneath off before using their toner and moisturiser to finish. However I am one of the people that likes to take mine off using a face wipe before doing anything else. I am currently using my homemade face wipes which are working wonders on my skin. I will be putting up a post about this very soon. 

2. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

These are words to live by. Cleansing your skin from all the dirt in your pores and everything sitting on your skin is so important. Toning tightens and as it says on the tin ‘tones’ your skin (obviously). Moisturisers keep your skin soft so this is just as important. You obviously get all different cleansers, toners and moisturisers that do different things so it is hard to give more detail on what each item does as it really depends on the one that you have purchased in particular and what you need from it personally.

3. Don’t pack your skin with too many products

This is a difficult one because there are so many products out there on sale; serums, spray toners, pre-moisturisers, gels, eye creams, anti-wrinkle products to use before or after your daily skincare routine, woah. Stop, aaaaand breathe. With all this shoved down your throat and every day you are being told you need these items, it’s hard to know which ones are worth taking into consideration and which ones are gimmicks and completely unnecessary. So take it easy when loading up the products and decide if it really is all necessary.

4. Do your research

Over the years I have paid out just a ridiculous amount of money on skincare products and thinking about how many have gone to waste it makes me want to cry, hysterically. I have come to find that researching products for example to find out if there is anything that could aggravate my skin in them etc is very helpful. Reading product reviews are so unbelievably helpful too. I never leave reviews on products but always find they are such a great thing to read as it gives an honest perspective from people’s experiences of using the product. Especially if the product you are considering is hyped up a lot in magazines or is a bit pricey. I never leave reviews on products but people do and if you’re one of those people, THANK YOU. This can be time consuming but in the long run, it’s sooo worth it. 

5. Makeup

If you where makeup everyday like me or even just sometimes, this can play a big part in the condition of your skin. You are able to get foundations that claim to help your skin so this is something to bare in mind. ‘Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation’ is one that has ‘better skin’ properties. The other thing to keep in mind when applying makeup is how much you are putting on. For example if you are putting layer after layer of foundation on, piling on the concealer then packing on the setting powder your skin is going to be screaming underneath. It’s better to apply one layer of foundation then lightly covering acne or redness with concealer. Then to set it use a small amount of setting powder but when picking the powder up on the brush, tap it on the edge of the pot to get rid of any excess and only use in areas where your foundation or concealer rubs off throughout the day this then means you don’t end up using it any more than neccesary. 

These are just a few things I managed to come up with so please let me know if you can think of anything else that may help people out. I hope this helps even a few of you out there. What are your experiences and thoughts on this??? 

Until next time…

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