Decluttering Life

Myself and Ollie recently had a well needed clear out and it was the best thing we have done in forever. I am trying to clear everything negative out of my life at the moment. I am a fairly negative person a lot of the time and it is completely unintentional. I can be quite hard on myself and stress easily over things and I decided I need to make more of an effort to live a more positive and full life. I find sometimes when I feel a bit stressed, having a clear out kind of helps. I feel it’s important to have a clear out of everything you no longer use or just don’t want anymore, otherwise things just sit in your way cluttering up shelves, wardrobes, drawers etc, etc. We went through everything. I threw away old makeup and gave all of our old clothes, shoes, DVD’s and so much more to our local charity shop. It has freed up so much space in our room as things were just piling up (most of it being my stuff admittedly). Besides, you never know when you will need that top you bought back in 2014 that never even fit you, right? Err, maybe it should go after all.

I then took to my Twitter and Faceboook accounts. Starting with Twitter I unfollowed people that haven’t tweeted since 2013 and general dead accounts. I also unfollowed anyone who constantly tweeted negative things. We all know the ones guys: ‘I hate my job’, ‘why are all my friends so bitchy’ I’m all for venting and think twitter is one of the best platforms to vent in short statements but when it’s 24/7 it does get draining for everyone that chooses to listen to it. Facebook was just a case of unfriending all those people you added in school purely because you saw them around and recognised their face along with, again, all of life’s moaners.

So far it feels so much better. I’m trying to take on a new attitude of not caring what people think and not feeling judged by anyone. Especially not anyone who no longer has any impact on my life in any way. It gives you almost a free feeling, I feel that slight bit more confident to share what I want (although it shouldn’t take that to make me feel that way I know). I will keep you guys updated on this, let me know your thoughts and if you’ve done anything similar.

Until next time…

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