Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I am the sort of person that changes their makeup all of the time. It’s kind of frustrating in a way as I have tried so many amazing makeup products, yet am always on the look out for that ‘something better’. I struggle a lot with bad spots and although since using my homemade skincare items (which I recently did a post about here: Homemade vs Shopbought) my skin has got 1000x better; I still have the odd patches it throws itself in and out of where it gets really bad. So this being said, I am always trying to cover my spots and scars.

I have tried a lot of foundations and none of them have ever really done a lot for my skin or they go cakey and patchy over my spots especially throughout the day. I also find none of them will stay on all day even with setting powder. Until however, I was recommended this one and I am in love. It has amazing coverage, and is buildable without looking thick as I still like my face to look like skin and not just layer over layer of foundation. It has a kind of fresh look and feel to it which is also something I looove.

I personally feel it’s a reasonable price for how good the product is at £23.50. I was paying £30 for the one I was using before (Lancôme Teint Idol Ultra) which I didn’t love half as much. I will probably do a review on this also in the near future as I still have some from the last bottle I bought. The only thing I do not like about this foundation is it doesn’t come with a pump. However you can pick these up from the Mac website to fit this bottle which you can just transfer (with a quick clean in between) from old bottles to new bottles. There is a positive to this though as you have to purchase a pump separately; if you are travelling you are able to put the original bottle lid back on to stop spillages in your bag. Always look on the brightside right?

Also, Mac are currently giving away a small sample with each order, I have linked the website below so definitely check it out. I got the ‘Mac Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage’ and again, I love it. It just helps your makeup to look silky smooth. Let me know your thoughts if you use it or if you decide to give it a go.

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