We’re Engaged!!

Okay so, I thought Ollie was taking me to Bath for a weekend away for my 21st birthday. I had absolutely no idea he had any intentions of proposing!

As I write this post, I still sit here in disbelief. Ollie had it all planned out, we would grab some food and go out for drinks on the Friday; then wake up Saturday, go shopping, go to the Roman Baths where he would propose, head back to the hotel and they would have balloons and decorations in our room to then end the evening with a lovely meal and drinks to celebrate. However it didn’t exactly happen like that and that just sums me and Ollie up in a nutshell, nothing going to plan haha…

The hotel ended up putting the decorations in our room the night before which meant Ollie had to improvise before I saw the decorations. He dropped our bags off and while they took them to our room we went for a walk to try and find somewhere to eat. Well, that’s what I thought.

Little did I know we would go for a walk along the River Avon where we stopped to sit on a bench to look out onto the Pulteney Weir with all the buildings around lit up as it was the evening. Which is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

After I eventually came to realise he was being serious and actually wanted me to marry him, I said yes! It all happened super fast but was so so exciting! Ollie actually ended up being happy he didn’t do it at the Roman Baths as it was so busy there was no where he could have really done it without bumping into people and holding everyone up.

We stayed in the Apex Hotel in the city centre and they were so accommodating with the whole thing. I couldn’t recommend them more. They gave us both a glass of Prosecco when we got back to the hotel after the proposal. They had also only been open for 9 weeks and we were their very first proposal, very exciting.

We had the best weekend and can’t wait to get planning already (uh, oh). I apologise for the poor quality photo of us together, I had cried a lot, haha. We can’t wait for our next chapter.

Until next time…

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