We Bought a House!

This time, we moved out out. My posts have been a bit hit and miss for a good few months now, the reason being was myself and Ollie were in the process of buying our house. Unfortunately this had been going on since last July, we lost two houses before buying the one we are in now but we finally moved in January. It is safe to say however, this is definitely where we are supposed to live. This is our first home and we are sooo happy.

I also have a new member of our family to introduce. Meet Mable, our new French Bulldog puppy. We got her a few weeks ago and we are in love with her. We are settling into our new house lovely and it has given us a chance to spend more quality time together and getting to know each other even more.

Myself and Ollie lived together before this house at Ollie’s Mum’s. If you fancy a further read and haven’t already, you can read my post from when I moved in with them both here. There is a big difference however living together with someone else and living together entirely on our own. We are enjoying each other’s company everyday and appreciating the little things.


This was just a check-in/update kind of post. It is my first one of 2018 and I am so excited to get back into posting regularly. Although this post was short and sweet, I am excited about where I will take my blog posts this year.

Until next time…

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